Macro Monday 2019.35...

August Goals...

Write this or watch The Hustle? How about both!

1. Blog Play: I got a domain for Yondu! Now, instead of a folder on this site, you can visit Well, once I finish mapping it over. I’ll let you know.

2. Video Play: I got nothing this month. I just wasn’t feeling it. Sorry. Got an idea but no motivation to execute it.

3. Music Play: I’m gonna be honest and say that I didn’t do a lot of album listening this last month (translation: not a lot of in-depth new artist discovery). But I did really get heavy into one of my new listens last month — Jay Som — and dug into all of her studio albums including the new one that was just released in August, Anak Ko




I also dug into an old speed metal duo known as Cacophony, featuring former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman and former David Lee Roth guitarist Jason Becker.


These still work, right?

4. Camera Play: #MiniMusicMonday is going strong.

5. Word Play: Five more books added to the list!


That’s three books and two graphic novels bringing me to 42 of 48 for my 2019 goal. 


I own this goal!

6. Update Play: You’re reading it.

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