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I was reading an interesting article about how celebrity book clubs have been giving a big boost to book sales lately. Clubs by the likes of Jenna Bush Hager, Reese Witherspoon, Noname, Andrew Luck, and, of course, Oprah have made big names out of (heh heh) no names. 



Why can’t I do this? I want to wield this kind of power, dammit! 

Have any of you checked out a book because of a review I wrote? I wanna hear about it so I can promote the heck out of that fact.

I want popularity! Power! Infamy!

Feed my book loving ego!


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Ha! I think you might need to be celebrity-status to have that kind of power ;) I haven't read a book you're recommended, but I know we've read some of the same (Dark Matter and Recursion?)

That is great they are helping sell books and getting lesser known names out there!


I think that’s a great use of influence.

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