Video: Pool...


Usually if I want to post a video on my blog, I wait until I have several and can set up a Snippet sort of post highlighting them all in one fell swoop. 

I’m not doing that right now. Why? Because this video is too amazing and mind blowing and gorgeous to wait until I find more to accompany it. It’s also too good to have to share a post with other videos. 

This is a short story called The Egg by Andy Weir, the author of The Martian. The accompanying animation is by a group that calls themselves Kurzgesagt.

At its simplest, The Egg is an interpretation of humanity and our role in the world. To me, it represents everything I believe about life, the universe, and everything. It is my 42.

But it takes my beliefs to a whole new metaphysical plane by adding greater detail and ideas that I couldn’t even fathom on my own. 

It’s just... wow! 

Please approach this with an open mind. And if you have ideas for further related reading I can check out, leave them in the comments. 

I hope you enjoy it and learn something.