Macro Monday 2019.35...

Hey, happy Labor Day if you’re in the U.S. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much labor input into last week’s #MiniMusicMonday.


I hope you don’t hurt yourself on this week’s challenge photo. 


See you in a week. It might take me that long to sanitize my brain after watching this streaming film Swiped. Gah. It’s terrible. 

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Sep 1
Write this or watch The Hustle? How about both! 1. Blog Play: I got a domain for Yondu! Now, instead of a folder on this site, you can visit Well, once I finish mapping it over. I’ll let you...
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Sep 3
I made some trades and sold some stuff at a resale shop and managed to nab these beauties... CHVRCHES - Love Is Dead This is a new release album by a band I’ve loved for several years now. It’s pretty...


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