Sometimes I go down odd rabbit holes. 

I’ll click through hundreds of links to related articles when I only intended to read a single Wikipedia article. 

I will look up an address in Google Maps and, by the time I’m done following a route or free travel long down some roads, I’ll find myself a whole country or continent away. 

I’m discovering this happening now with book recommendations. 

A handful of years ago, I saw a jacket review from an author I liked recommending Andy Weir’s The Martian. I read it and loved it. 

A couple months ago, Weir recommended Blake Crouch’s Recursion, which I was given a chance to review for Geeks of Doom, and I loved it. 


Now, Blake Crouch has a jacket pull quote for Jeff Lemire’s Frogcatchers.


I was already planning to read it, but I think it’s moved up the priority list a bit. 

I think it’s Lemire’s turn next.


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