September Goals...


In an attempt to fend off buying a new iPhone for a while longer as I'm not at all impressed by any of the new features enough to go all spendy spendy, I'm going to take my iPhone 7+ in for some work tomorrow on the one thing about it that's been bugging me... that I cannot reliably charge it because the charging port is FUBAR. 

Yeah, I've had an issue for several months now where the cord and port aren't making a connection and, even when they do, the cable falls out. So I cannot charge on the go, I cannot plug in to a portable battery charger, I cannot even move the phone or bump the surface on which I've set it without having to check to make sure the cord is still plugged in. There have even been times when I have a charging indicator on the screen, and it still doesn't charge. In fact, it has on a few occasions discharged.

I've cleaned it as best I can using alcohol wipes, compressed air, and sharp or blunt objects. But it's impossible to tell if that works because lightning ports are so damn tiny that you can't see inside them.

To this end, it's time to take care of this. Right now. If not, I'm gonna go nuts. 

So if you try to contact me on social media, I may not respond immediately. Why? Because I have 2FA on as many accounts as possible and, if I don't have my phone on me, I cannot verify logins from my laptop because I reset the cache regularly. 

I just hope I get my phone back in time because, without it, I cannot use Instagram, which means I cannot do Macro Monday tomorrow.

Ho boy. That would be a disaster.

Bear with me, please, for tomorrow I will be... 

Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 5.14.39 PM


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