Macro Monday 2019.37...


Yes, this conversation actually happened between Nathan and me...

"Daddy, I want to make my own rocket boots."

"How are you going to do that?"

"I'm going to take some bottles of soda and tie them to my feet and have some rope attached to the covers so when I pull the rope the cans will open and I'll fly and they will already be shaken and I'll put on a helmet."

"Oh you're gonna need that helmet."

"I'm gonna fly!"

"Now Nathan, do you think it would work better to shake your soda boots or add Mentos to them?"

"I will shake them AND add Mentos and I will go SUPER HIGH!"

Sorry about the lack of punctuation in Nathan's statements above. It was all so breathlessly thrown at me that I felt any punctuation would take away from the urgency of it all. I almost merged all the words into one continuous string, but thought better of it. Mostly for your sake.

Back on topic, though, I assume they'll look something like this...


[image courtesy of Acme Rocket Boots, Inc.]

He is pretty excited about it.

I am not.