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One of the coolest things about getting back into cassettes is watching as the culture rises up from the ashes like a phoenix. People who collected back in the day are finding their old stuff. Kids who should have no earthly idea what a cassette is are jumping on board. 

I talk to people on the CassetteCulture subreddit ranging in age from their 60s all the way down to late teens. 

And a lot of them are getting into making their own mix and custom tapes. Many people have been making their own cassette versions of existing albums that were never natively available as cassettes or creating things like soundtracks for modern movies and TV shows. And with design software that allows people to make their own j-cards (the traditional cassette insert) easily and high quality printing at your fingertip unlike back in the day, you can make some really cool stuff. 

This, for example, is a soundtrack for Black Mirror: Bandersnatch one friend made. 


Or here’s a ridiculously cool Scott Pilgrim soundtrack.


This gem is actually for sale (if you can find a copy). It’s also a Black Mirror soundtrack for the soul stirring “San Junipero” episode. 


I need to make something. I’m just not sure what just yet. 

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