TBT: Skeletor...

It’s kinda amazing how far toys have come since I was a kid. 

This is Skeletor from the Masters of the Universe toy line. He dates back to 1983.


Yes, I had him. I think my brother now owns him, but whatever. 

This is a revised take on our evil collagen king. 


[photo courtesy of TheDorkLair on Instagram]

Definitely not what I played with as a kid. God, I’d love to own this. But it’s waaaayyyyy out of my price range. 


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Suzanne Apgar

How you loved all this stuff!!



Kevin Spencer

Heh, I also had those as a kid. Maybe they're still in my Mum & Dad's attic? Next time I'm in England I'll have to go up there and have a check.


You should find out!


amazing toys


Aren’t they? I wish they were mine.

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