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Tu(n)esday: Friday...

I was picking up some groceries on my way home when Katie called me and said, “Your son loves The Cure.”

Huh whudda? 


“The band?” Yanno, what else would it be but, hey, I was in shock.

“Yes. He know and loves ‘Friday I’m In Love’.”

“How does he know that?”

“I have no idea. He just knows it and loves it.”

My son knows The Cure! And he loves it! Even if it is just the one song so far, that’s awesome news!

I’m so stoked! I like when he likes music I like. Makes car drives so much easier. 


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Your son has extraordinary taste.


I knew, if no one else, you’d respond to this post.

Kevin Spencer

It's things like this that make you think you've succeeded in parenting. When I caught my daughter air drumming in the car to Killing Joke I was so proud.


Killing Joke? Wow! That’s impressive.

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