Nathan and I were downstairs cleaning things up before going up to bed when we heard something crash against our big window in the high-ceilinged living room.

“What was that, Daddy?”

“Just a bird, I think.”

We went about our business when, all of a sudden, there was a loud, solid thunk on our sliding glass backdoor.

We both turned and looked and there was a child standing there staring at us. Then she turned and ran into our neighbors’ yard.

“Daddy, that was a kid!”

“Yeah, I saw it, too.”


“I dunno, dude.”

We were both more than a bit troubled. Nathan because it freaked him out. Me because I’ve seen enough horror films to know that a stranger staring at you through a window or door is either an indication you’re living in a haunted house or a harbinger of a impending murder. 


Instead, I texted our neighbors who, according to Katie, had some people over. 


At least I got some alcohol out of it.

Could've been so much worse.