Yesterday, Katie asked if I would take a Crate & Barrel box back to the store to get it gift wrapped for a wedding shower today. She would have done it when she bought it, but she was in a hurry. 

No worries. Nathan and I were going out so we decided to do it. 

When I got in the store, I explained the situation and asked if they could gift wrap it for me.

The woman looked right at me and said [I paraphrase], “We don’t wrap our boxes. Our boxes are the wrapping. Most people see our boxes and think that they themselves are better than gift wrap. If you’d like, we can put a handle on the box or tie a colorful dish towel to it to add some contrast.”


I was floored. That is so bougie, it’s ridiculous. I mean completely and totally douchey. Who the hell talks like that? Who freaking thinks that way about a damn white box that’s gonna wind up in a recycle bin anyway? 

FTR, the couple received a ton of C&B gifts and all were gift wrapped atop the white box. We probably should have, too, but I decided to pay forward the douchebaggery. I’m bad like that. 

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WTH. That is super bougie and douchey. Their boxes are blah. Get over yourself, C&B.


Right??? And I love seeing you type “bougie” as well.

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