Ohmigod. Some parts of the U.S. are supposed to see upwards of a 50ºF drop in under 24 hours later this week and into this weekend with some areas seeing anywhere from 1 to 2 feet of snow in that time. Holy cow. 

Chicago is supposed to see a 30 degree drop in 18 hours. I have no idea about snow, but I'm sincerely hoping for none. It's crazy early for snow.

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Yeah, global warming is a farce, alright.


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I think we might have hit 93º on Thursday and 43º this morning, so I guess we are one of those places. I also saw a "feels like" as low as 37º!

It's supposed to work it's way back up to the mid-80ºs by Monday, but I think it might be the best ACL weather we've ever had. (I didn't check.)


I didn’t realize ACL was this weekend. I guess I always assumed it was in August or September.

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