Macro Monday 2019.42...


On Sunday, Nathan and I went to our local park to have some 1:1 Nerf gun wars. While we were there, a guy and his son came by with a medium sized styrofoam box containing this...


DJI Phantom 4

The guy flying it, Alex, had the remote equipped with an iPad so we could watch the drone’s flightpath via its 4K gimbal-enhanced camera.

It was very cool. Oh hell, it was downright awesome.

Alex snapped some photos of the park and my neighborhood and Airdropped them to me. Check these out...


My autumn-enhanced street


My building (gray roofed)


That little white speck in the middle is Nathan

It was a lot of fun. No way I'm paying multiple thousands of dollars to get involved, though.


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Suzanne Apgar

It looks way cool!


It was.

Suzanne Apgar

I worry about those drones though. One of these days, one is gonna cause a major airline accident.


I think that’s happened already.


Welcome to 2017!

I kid. I kid.

You can definitely get in for less than $1000, and probably close to half that if you buy used. Just avoid feature creep. I mean, it's super cool that you can have the drone follow you while you're biking and such, but that's what pushes the price closer to $2000 (or more).


Oh I’m sure I can. I just don’t wanna spend anything on it ATM. Too many other expenses.

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