We went trick-or-treating in the shops in our town this evening. We do this every year and it always lands on a Thursday, I think, because the stores are open later on Thursday than any other night (and they do not want to do it on a weekend because our downtown is already jam-packed enough on a weekend without hundreds of costumed kids running rampant as well).

I digress.

My brother and his wife decided not to go as far down one street so as to avoid the local music shop because they were handing out kazoos to all the kids. They did not want their two daughters blowing out eardrums with those devil instruments.

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 8.10.57 PM
So what did I, as a good uncle, do? I went into the music shop with Nathan (who did get a kazoo) and explained the situation to the store owner. Before I even asked, he handed me two kazoos with a wink and the proclamation that "Every kid needs a kazoo."

I slipped them into my nieces' coat pockets and said, "Don't let your mom or dad take this."

My sister-in-law glared at me and said, "The names I want to call you... I cannot say in front of my daughters."

What has two thumbs and is Uncle of the Year? This guy!