As you all know, I do love my old GoPro Hero 2 action cam. It’s so much fun to use. 

Marty knows. That’s for sure. He knows both how much I love mine and how much fun they are because he used to own one.

”Used to” as in he no longer does. But he did dig up some old accessories when he moved recently and he asked if I might be interested in them. 


They arrived today. And they’re glorious!


We have a replacement waterproof housing, a second waterproof housing with a float, a vented housing for the mic and speakers, headlamp mount, strap mount, wrist mount, anti-fog inserts. 

Nathan already has his favorite piece.


For sure, I’m gonna semi-permanently mount one of the housings on my r/c truck.

My favorite piece, though, is one I didn’t even know Marty was gonna send until it arrived. An LCD monitor that attaches to the back of the camera so you can actually see what your shooting/filming. 


It’s a legit pain in the arse to take photos with a GoPro that is screenless. You have no way to frame or focus. I used my GoPro a week and a half ago when my iPhone was in the shop to take a picture of my iPod Shuffle. It took more than a dozen attempts to shoot even a moderately decent photo. 


Now it will be a lot easier.

Thank you, Marty. Sincerely.