I’m gonna put it out there right now, I really love the Lil Nas X song “Old Town Road.” Both the original and the remix.

So imagine my joy when, the other day, Katie told Nathan to start singing his new favorite song to me and it was “Old Town Road.” Yes, this despite his avowed hatred of country music.

I got excited. 

So I opened Spotify and started playing the remix with Billy Ray Cyrus.


At this point, Nathan announced, “No daddy. This is the wrong one.”

No problem. I started to browse to the Nas-only version. That’s when he said, “I like the one from Kidz Bop.”


I’m starting to question his musical loyalties. This one hurt. 


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Marty Mankins

Ouch! KidzBop has a reach that us adults don't understand.

But as an added bonus, there's that NIN sample in the original song that got the Trent approval (after the fact).


There's a NIN sample in there??

Marty Mankins

It's from NIN album Ghosts


Oh wow. I had no idea.

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