Macro Monday 2019.46...


I have been posting daily to this blog since July 28, 2014. Okay, so it doesn't always seem like it's truly "daily." Some posts get posted a little late. Maybe a day or two... or three. Often times it's because I start a post and forget to finish and publish it. But I do try to write every day and then will backpost when necessary. 

Hey, I'm no saint.

These last couple of weeks, I've seen my posting fa├žade developing some fissures. But as time goes on, this gets harder and harder to do. I struggle for topics and time. It can be pretty brutal. It's just not always easy to keep up with it even if the posts are tiny.

At one point, some friends and I decided we'd make it a point to keep our blogs going by taking one thing we were otherwise planning to post on social media and publishing it to our blogs instead. But what do you do when you're hardly on social media like you once were? I don't Tweet nearly as often as I did and most of what is out there on my account now is retweets or crossposts from places like Instagram, Goodreads, or Geeks of Doom. So I don't even have that avenue to which I can resort.

I don't want to quit my daily schedule. If I skip even one day, that will open the floodgates. One day will become two. Two will become three. Three days becomes a week. Then a month. Then... why even bother? 

I do not want the gate to break down.


Do you have any tips you can give me to keep this going? I love my blog. I've been doing this in some way, shape, or form for 21 years now. Nearly half my life was spent writing online. 

Anyone out there wanna do a blog tagteam? Some way to motivate each other to keep it going?