Snippets 2019.04...


Back when I worked at Aurora University, my buddy Eric (the Pitchfork Music Festival-attending buddy) and I used to take this blue goo that I had for strengthening your hands and forearms and put it on top of toys and other random items and let it "melt" over them for a day or two and admire the results. I swore we used to take pictures of them, but I cannot find those photos anywhere and they pre-dated the iPhone so they're certainly not in the cloud anywhere. So I'm wondering if they actually happened or not.

I digress.

I dug up the goo the other day and plan to use it on some of my desk toys. As a result, I have another new hashtag to my credit... #bluegootoys... that you can find on Instagram. 

Here's my first using my Funko POP Dart the Demogorgon from Stranger Things 2. It's pretty intense. 


I can't wait to do more of these. Stay tuned.

As a note, I'm also cross-posting these to #yonduonterra when appropriate.