You start the year thinking that it’s all just dragging so hard. That January will never end. 

Then the year starts to tear by in a flash and, if you’re anything like me, you realize it’s time to start compiling your year-end lists and scheduling the posts. 

Oy vey.


So many lists, so little time. 

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Nov 14
This is the sort of thing you receive when your editor "gets" you... For the record, Black Spire Outpost is part of the new Star Wars theme park at Disney Orlando and is also the setting of many books I've...
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Nov 16
Gotta admit, Disney+ is all that. I’ve watched both episodes of The Mandalorian and it’s incredible. This is storytelling at its finest and probably some of the best work to come from Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm, save for Rogue One....


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