Macro Monday 2019.45...

Despite my concerns over the possibility that the cassette I owned was an alternate cover, it was still correctly guessed, and quickly at that. Again, by Steve B. 


Think you can guess this week's challenge photo? Be careful or you may get burned. 


Hopefully I'll survive this second snowstorm of the season to be back with the answer next week. It can't snow all the time, can it?

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Nov 10
There are few things I hate shopping for more than pillows. You can’t truly try them out. They almost never have a trial period. And there’s such a ridiculous range of prices. And yet we have to buy them anyway....
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Snippets 2019.04...

Nov 12
What do you do when you have a bunch of really cool news about music that you wanna share? Save them for Tuesday and post your first-ever Tu(n)esday Snippets!! /neh/ I started a playlist in Spotify that happened to have...


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