October Goals...

Whoops. Completely forgot yesterday was the first of November. So, yeah, this is a day late. Won’t happen again. Oh, who am I kidding? Yes, it will.

1. Blog Play: I feel like I did something. But what? Ummmm...

2. Video Play: I think I may be done with this goal. I’ve had zero motivation to produce any videos and fear I’m burned out. It shouldn’t be a chore to make a video. Especially when its for “fun” and not profit.

3. Music Play: I was listening to a metal playlist on Spotify when Avenged Sevenfold appeared in the mix. I’d known of them for many years but had never listened and I liked it. So I checked out Hail to the King. Good stuff.


Earlier this month, I also finally checked out Gary Clark, Jr., and his new album This Land. That guy is pretty damned amazing, isn’t he?


4. Camera Play: #MiniMusicMonday is going strong.

5. Word Play: I’ve read so much this year that I was bound to hit a wall eventually. That wall hit me in October. I only read one book and one graphic novel all month.


Ugh. Not good.

6. Update Play: You’re reading it. 

A zero on blog and video play, and a severe downgrade in word play? Yeah, I need to hunker down and work on these a bit.

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Nov 1
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Nov 3
If you looked at the blue thing on the Walkman in the picture below, what would be your first thought as to its use? Belt clip, right? I'm only asking because this image was posted in the #CassetteCulture subreddit today...


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