Gotta admit, Disney+ is all that. 


I’ve watched both episodes of The Mandalorian and it’s incredible. This is storytelling at its finest and probably some of the best work to come from Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm, save for Rogue One.

We’ve watched live action, traditional animation, and computer animated films and they all look incredible. The image quality is second to none. 

We’re currently tearing through all the Pixar Shorts and newly released SparkShorts and loving them all. 

There’s stuff for Katie. There’s stuff for Nathan. There’s stuff for me. And plenty of it. I’m just blown away by the selection.

There’s so much, but, unlike Netflix, I can always find something I’m interested in watching. Netflix is just boring to me lately. As much as they have, very little actually intrigues me (Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile and season three of The Toys That Made Us is about it lately). Or they cancel other shows I do enjoy (Santa Clarita Diet some of the Marvel shows). 

I guess what I’m saying is All Hail the Mouse House! Take our money! Just take it!! 


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Kevin Spencer

I'm probably gonna take the plunge on Disney+ this week. Can't wait to watch The Mandalorian.


It is sooooo good.

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