One of my favorite things about my iPhone XR is wireless charging. Oh. My. God. I love it!

Just sitting my phone on a charging pad is so nice. And now I can finally take part in the table mounted mats at some Starbucks stores. 

I now have a charging mat on my desk at work and Katie just bought me another for home as a Black Friday deal for $5. 

I am one with the Qi. The Qi is in me. 


[image courtesy of ScreenRant]

How did we live before wireless charging? Savagery!

Oh yeah! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Nov 27
I told you’d I’d give you an update on the status of our pipe shelves project. Well, it’s done! Just in time for Thanksgiving. Thank god! These are the wall braces we put up on the wall... This is the...
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Nov 29
I saw the most amazing thing today in the parking lot of Walmart. A janky old Escort drove by me and, although its windows were up, I could clearly hear The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army” playing at high volume....


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Kevin Spencer

I take it from the image you *have* started watching The Mandalorian?


Totally caught up and loving every minute of it. You?

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