I think I may just have my Kevin’s 7 schedule figured out for December. 

The way I see it, I have five different posts: movies, TV shows, podcasts, comics, and music (album & song combined). And while there’s no hard and fast rule stating I have to do it this way, I find I prefer to write these posts the same day each week for all five weeks.

Based on the December calendar...


...that means I can do all Sundays, Mondays, or Tuesdays. However, the latter two options sacrifices all ability to do Macro Mondays or Tu(n)esdays. I’ll just have to delay my November goals post until Tuesday.

So I guess that leaves Sundays for Kevin’s 7. And the schedule will be: 

  • Sunday, December 1 - Podcasts
  • Sunday, December 8 - Comics
  • Sunday, December 15 - TV
  • Sunday, December 22 - Music
  • Sunday, December 29 - Movies

Stay tuned. 

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Kevin Spencer

Looking forward to it.


Thank you. At least someone is.

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