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Despite their tendency to donate to conservative politicians, I am a fan of Jimmy John's subs. I love them and I don't care what you say. 

But they have some really dumb in-store policies that I wish they'd reconsider.

For example, according to the app when I went in today to place an order, I had two free subs coming to me as rewards. One for signing up on the app and one for my birthday last week. Both good for a free 8" Favorites sub of my choice. 

I could not, however, claim both of the subs at once. They just wouldn't allow it. One per person per day. These are MY REWARDS. I earned them. I should be able to spend them however and, more importantly, whenever I want as long as I don't exceed the expiration date. 

Another dumb thing they do... Katie likes the #12 sub, but it comes with cheese and she has, in case I didn't mention it here previously, developed a lactose intolerance. Cheese wrecks her. So she doesn't like the provolone that comes on her sandwich. I like the #17 sub, but it doesn't come with cheese and I prefer it with provolone. 


So I asked one time if I could have Katie's cheese transferred to my sandwich. Nope. They wouldn't do it. They said it was "company policy."

What they will do is remove the cheese from Katie's order and give me my own order of cheese at an extra charge. Cheese that I already bought I'm basically going to be charged for a second time. But will they refund me money for not including it on Katie's sandwich? No. Of course not. And if I unwrap Katie's sandwich to remove the cheese and move it to my own, I discover that the avocado spread is smeared right down the middle of the cheese. I have to scrape it all off and move that back to her sandwich and my transferred cheese retains a distinctly avocado essence. I like avocado, just not on a #17.

Why can't companies think practically? Or does that require too much intelligence?


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Suzanne Apgar

Went out for lunch to the White Eagle Club on Tuesday. Didn't want the chicken marsala, so I asked it they could give me a container to take it home. They said it was not allowed and would not even give me a piece of aluminum foil to wrap it myself. I paid for this and should not have to beg for it. So a few of us got hold of paper towels and wrapped our leftovers on our own. I will never go there again, and I seriously doubt that the Carillon Club Red Hats will schedule a luncheon there again.


You couldn’t take your leftovers? What a load.

reuben hood

Dude have you tried going to a different location ?


This is two or three different stores. Not gonna travel much farther even if it is JJ.

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