Goals 2020...

I started 2019 off pretty strong on the goal front. But the further I progressed through the year, the tougher it got and the less interested I became in fulfilling some of them.

So, like I normally do when this sort of thing happens, I’m going to reset a bit. I’m eliminating or heavily manipulating a couple goals to make them more achievable. 

The first to go will be the video goal. It ceased being fun to do a while ago and it became a chore. A few months ago, I stopped it entirely. 

Next is the blog goal in which I try to make six changes to my blog over the course of the year. Honestly, there is only one thing I’d like to do and we’ll see how it goes. If it happens, it happens. 

Here’s what I’ve got:

Blog Play:

I want to re-theme my blog again. It’s been about five or six years (I can’t even remember anymore). I’m not gonna pull a Dave2 or Kevin who fully code their own sites. Those days are long gone. But I will play a little with HTML and CSS as the need arises. 

Music Play:

This seems like a safe one to manipulate upward. So three new-to-me bands per month, it shall be. 

Camera Play:

I know I hinted that 2019 may be my last year of Macro Monday. But then #MiniMusicMonday happened and all was fun again. I still have plenty of cassettes I can feature so I’m gonna keep it up. 

Word Play:

While I blew away my reading goal in 2019, my pace slowed severely in the last quarter. So I’m not gonna poke the beast in 2020 and instead just try to maintain the status quo. Four books of any type per month throughout 2020 for 48 books overall. 

Update Play:

And, per usual, I will dedicate one blog post each month to recapping my goal achievement progress of the month prior. 

I’d add a fitness goal, but I have no idea what I want that to be yet. It will *not*, however, involve a Peloton bike.


What are your goals?

BTW, whatever happened to our RWD goal, Marty and Kevin


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