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This year and this series of Kevin’s 7 posts is quickly wrapping up. And one of my toughest lists to compile is here. Music ‘19, which is comprised of both Singles ‘19 and Albums ‘19. Buckle up!

Singles ‘19:

Here are seven songs I found myself enjoying this year for a variety of reasons. These are listed in alphabetical order by artist. 

...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead - “Into the Godless Void”

It’s been a while since anything new has dropped from Trail. So happening across this track a couple weeks back was a very happy accident. I pray it’s a precursor to a new album.

Black Keys - “Lo/Hi”

The Keys have their fans, both old and new, and they seem to divide along the new and old music battle lines. Me? I listen to it all and I love the new tracks that have been coming out this year. Particularly this one. 

Jenny Lewis - “Red Bull & Hennessy”

Jenny’s new single was the first to make my list when it was released really early on. Sadly, I never got around to listening to the whole album. At least I think there was a full LP.

Neon Indian - “Toyota Man”

Another very recent addition to my list as it only came out a few weeks ago but, much like Trail, is a very welcome return.

Of Monsters and Men - “Alligator”

This song caught me completely off guard because I thought OMaM was only a folksy sort of band. My honest mistake! This song rocks along at a much faster clip than anything I’ve heard from them. 

Vampire Weekend - “Harmony Hall”

I’m typically pretty hit or miss with Vampire Weekend. Some songs I love, some I hate. Shockingly, most of this new album rated pretty highly with me. Just not top 7 highly, so I picked this track to represent the album as a whole.

Sharon Van Etten - “Seventeen”

This album seemed destined to make the top 7 when I first listened to it. As the year word on, though, others bumped it. But, lord, do I love “Seventeen.” So many feels.

If you wanna give these songs a listen, as well as a few more great 2019 tracks, check out my Spotify playlist.

Albums ‘19:

Albums, of course, are listed in reverse order from number 7 to number 1. So just sit back and relax...

7. Beck - Hyperspace

A new Beck album is always a welcome addition to my listening library. Sure, the build up wasn’t as great as the one to Colours a couple years back. Heck, I wasn’t even expecting this, especially not so soon. But still a damn good effort.

Don’t Forget to Listen to: ”Saw Lightning”


6. le butcherettes - bi/MENTAL

I discovered this album purely by accident while trying to figure out what the heck happened to the Mars Volta. Turns out Omar Rodriguez-Lopez helped found this lo-fi garage punk outfit with Teri Gender Bender at the helm. So unique and cool. I love it.

Don’t Forget to Listen to: ”strong/ENOUGH”


5. Alice Merton - Mint

Last year, Merton’s “No Roots” EP ranked number six on my Kevin’s 7 Album list. Now that the whole LP has been released, it’s actually gone up a space by my estimation. So much awesome here. 

Don’t Forget to Listen to: ”Why So Serious”



It’s almost too easy to discount 19-year-old Eilish as just a hard-up gothy-emo mashup wannabe. But she’s so much more than outward appearances, if her late night appearances and other interviews are any indication. Her musicianship is really good and lord knows those videos are amazing. 

Don’t Forget to Listen to: ”all the good girls go to hell”


3. Jai Wolf - The Cure to Loneliness

I found Wolf’s album by actually clicking on those new release banners on Spotify one lonely Friday. I was floored by it and have listened to it dozens of times since discovering it. So many tracks showed up on my most listened list for 2019. 

Don’t Forget to Listen to: ”Lose My Mind (feat. Mr. Gabriel)”


2. Bob Mould - Sunshine Rock

Bob Mould albums are always a welcome occurrence on a new release list. And Sunshine Rock is no exception. Full of upbeat rock anthems and headbangers, it’s got something for every mood. 

Don’t Forget to Listen to: ”What Do You Want Me To Do”


1. Tool - Fear Inoculum

Normally, the constant tonal shifts within a single album would, as I said over on GeeksOfDoom, have me thinking that this is an album in search of an identity. Not so here. It works oh-so-well. I really can’t explain it beyond that. Just go listen to it, okay?

Don’t Forget to Listen to: ”7empest”


I need to give an honorable mention to an album that is an instrumental variant of a studio album that came out in 2018. It’s the vocal-less version of Tom Morello’s Atlas Underground. I love this album so so much. It has gotten me through so many projects at work. But it felt weird to place it on a list that usually contains no variation albums, greatest hits, soundtracks, or live albums. So I didn’t. But I did want to call it out. 


What do you have looping?


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Marty Mankins

We share 3 albums on our 2019 lists (I just posted mine a few minutes ago) and one we share as the top album of the year. I love it.


I will check it out! Welcome back to commenting, BTW.

Marty Mankins

Thank you much.


Took a while. Your RSS feed still hasn’t been picked up by Feedly. Had to go directly to your blog to see it.

Kevin Spencer

Well, I've heard of Beck anyway. Clearly I should get out more.


You... of all people.

Marty Mankins

FYI, Feedly took almost a day to update from my RSS feed on my blog. Perhaps it was related to me not blogging for sometime.


I’m not sure why that would be the case. It shouldn’t be a selective thing.

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