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November Goals...

Dec 3
November... what a crap month for goals. 1. Blog Play: Not a darn thing. 2. Video Play: I Like I said, this goal is ix-nay’d. 3. Music Play: Remember what I said about letting goals get away from you? Boy...
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Dec 5
'Tis that time! I picked Bob Gibson... (If you think there's a snowball's chance in Hell that I'm going to post a jersey with 45 and TRUMP on it, you are off your freaking rocker.) They did have some fun...


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And from a customer's perspective? Smaller developers are reachable via email and usual respond... and solve the problem. Larger developers have "forums" where you can leave a comment as to your issue, AND THAT'S IT. And when you post there, it will likely be ignored until the end of time. I've posted bug reports in forms from five versions ago that are still an issue with one of the major software packages I use. Dozens of users comment that they have the same problem. Nothing is ever done. It's incredibly frustrating. Always bigger fish to fry, I guess.


I would agree with your assessment. Any chance you’re talking about Adobe?


There is EVERY chance I am talking about Adobe!

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