I have a complicated history with The Office. I loved the first four seasons of the NBC show; some of the best television ever made. But the final five seasons are a mixed bag; some is borderline good, some decent, but most is absolute crap.

Lately, it seems, the final five seasons are getting a lot of syndication exposure. Seeing it makes me miss the older stuff.

This morning, Comedy Central played an episode of The Office titled “The Injury.” It’s from season two and, while I remembered the general gist of the episode, I’d forgotten just how much sheer genius was contained in this single episode. 

  • Michael (Steve Carell) burning his foot on a Foreman Grill and the bubble wrap “cast”


  • Michael trying to convince someone to come save him - “please don’t send Dwight.”
  • Dwight (Rainn Wilson) wrecking his Trans Am rushing you save him
  • Stanley (Leslie David Baker) comparing the cast to “Mailboxes, Etc.”
  • Dwight’s concussion causing him to be nice to Pam (Jenna Fischer) and more flirty with Angela (Angela Kinsey)
  • Being reminded of garbage iPod knockoffs and Russian mp3 download sites
  • Ryan (BJ Novak) chasing down yams and pudding cups for Michael all over Pennsylvania 
  • Dwight calling Creed (Creed Bratton) “Dad”
  • The pictures of differently abled people on the wall including Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia’s keyboard sequence in Big
  • Michael comparing his “disability” to that of wheelchair-bound property manager Billy (Marcus York)


  • Billy calling Dwight “the moon-faced kid” (I cannot explain why this cracks me up so much) 
  • Jim (John Krasinski) spritzing Michael and Dwight with a spray bottle, constantly


  • Dwight’s MRI and Michael trying to shove his foot in the machine
  • The index card “disability awareness” exercise

Gawd, this episode has it all. 


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