Macro Monday 2020.04...

Libraries FTW...

As a library junkie, the husband of a library junkie, the father of a budding library junkie, and a former member of my local library's Foundation association, it warms my heart to no end to read this Gallup article about how library visits topped U.S. leisure activities in 2019, even outpacing visits to movie theaters and sporting events.

That is so beyond awesome.

To those who say libraries are dead, bugger off. They are very much alive and well and, apparently, doing far better than theaters and overpriced sports games and concerts. They're so not dead, in fact, that my town is getting a brand new library that will open in late spring of this year.


I will say, however, that I wish trips to national and historical parks rated higher on the list. That would make my heart even warmer.


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