This past Christmas, a big to-do was made about the Hallmark Channel pulling an ad that featured a gay couple getting married. A hate group called One Million Moms protested the ad as disgusting and threw around their weight (obviously from sitting around on their couches all day espousing hate via the Web) and convinced Hallmark to pull the ad. 


I didn't say anything about it at the time because it was just so unbelievably ridiculous. That and my buddy Dave2 said it pretty well himself. It wasn't the first time he blogged about this fascist, hate-filled group, either. 

The only reason I mention them now is because they're at it again attacking Burger King for an ad they created to support the Impossible Whopper. In it, one of the "man on the street" interviewees drops the "d bomb." In case you're scratching your head, the "d bomb" is "damn."

Remember when that word was taboo? I actually do. Many of you might not because it's really not a big deal and hasn't been for at least a couple decades. Perhaps in combination with the name of our Lord almighty in front of it, it is lent a little more gravitas. But by itself? It's pretty innocuous. Anyway, they went after Burger King and who knows what happened. 

I find it pretty hypocritical that this right-wing conservative group has such a problem with potty mouths given the language that gets spewed from their man in the D.C. high chair. If they have a problem with "damn," listening to Trump should give them a conniption fit. 

What I really want is for someone to file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request against One Million Moms to get their membership list. Can you file a FOIA against a not for profit? I dunno. But I would love to see someone try. And then publish the list of members on the web for everyone to see. I wonder how quickly their dozens would dwindle to a handful. 

Wow. While seeking an image to accompany this post, I discovered that OMM also attacked Frito Lay back in 2015 for producing Rainbow Doritos and the movie Toy Story 4 last year for featuring a lesbian couple. Get a real job, people. Seriously!

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The prevailing theory is that there's really only one person almost entirely responsible for "One Million Moms," and the membership is laughably short of "a million" people. Which is why I will continue to refer to the organization as "One Dozen Moms" or "One Million Bigots" as the situation dictates.


Sounds pretty spot-on to me.

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