Sometimes, vacation just sucks. And, no, I don’t mean (just) the obvious “when it comes to an end” bit. 

Sometimes, it sucks as a whole. 

Usually you have to get a bunch of work done ahead of your departure.

You have to make up for what you missed, upon return.

Your system has to get back on a schedule that has little give.

Your habits have to fall back in place with work. 

If you’re us, you get sick and have to recover (I still am). 

It’s almost as though extended vacations are more cruel than the real world. 

I’m gonna miss it. Especially since this weekend is the real end of it all. Sure, I worked on Thursday and today but it didn’t seem real. I guess that’s because Katie was still off work and Nathan was off school. On Monday, we’re all back to the grind. 

It’s gonna be a rough week. 


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Kevin Spencer

I had to work Thurs/Fri of last week but a lot of folks were still off. Today is when we all came back down to earth with a bang.


A painful bang.

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