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While browsing through Audible yesterday, I noticed something that always bugs me to no end. The changing of book covers to match a movie/TV poster or  marketing campaign. 

Yes, I understand why it’s done. I just hate it. And the ones I saw yesterday bug me even more than normal. Why? Check these out...





Why do these bug me so much? For one, these movies have all been made already and the Jack Ryan character in each was decidedly not John Krasinski. For the record, in the order listed above, Jack Ryan was played by Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Harrison Ford, and Ben Affleck.

I don’t care if he is Jack now, he wasn’t in these films and the show that he’s in is not at all related to the plot of these stories or any story as written by Tom Clancy. The only commonality is the character of Jack Ryan. If you’ve watched season 2, it eliminated a key character in his storyline as established by Clancy, one that will have a huge impact if the show keeps going that long. 




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Suzanne Apgar

I agree!

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