TBT: Woody...


For Christmas this past year, I asked for a Hartford Whalers hat. I've been a Whalers fan for much of my life. They are the very first professional sports team I ever truly loved. I cried when they moved to Carolina and ceased to exist.

Anyway, regarding the hat, I specified exactly which maker (47 Brand), color (green), style (Vintage Clean Up), logo (green and blue whale tail with white outline) etc., because I knew what I wanted and I've got such a large head that I can't risk people just buying any old hat. 

I was so specific that I got two of the exact same hat from different people. I didn't think that would happen.

Initially I was going to use the duplicate hat to see about swapping for another from the maker, 47 Brand. But I couldn't decide what I wanted. I thought I would like a second Whalers hat. I found four different ones on and put it to a vote on Instagram.

The votes weren't entirely conclusive and I suddenly wasn't sure I still wanted another Whalers hat. Why? Because I like to dedicate myself to a single hat from a team. I will wear it to death. 

In light of my indecision, the extra hat sat. 

This past Saturday, though, Nathan looked at me in my hat and said, "I wish I could have your hat, Dad. I really love it."



So I looked at Katie, we nodded in agreement, and I took the extra hat and gave it to Nathan. Now I have a pint-size Pucky fan and I'm damn proud!


And he swings a mean tennis racket!


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