TBT: Woody...

Nathan brought this to me the other day. I had no idea he had it. He wanted me to have it back because he knew it was mine when I was a kid. 

It’s my old Woody Woodpecker plush toy!


When I was young, I couldn’t pronounce “Woody Woodpecker,” and I supposedly used the alternate pronunciation of “OOOOH-knee COCK-err.” I have no idea how that’s even close.


Man, this little guy has been through the wringer.


He’s apparently been opened and restitched in the back. That weird umbilical cord looking thingie is its tag. I remember I used to spin him in the air on my finger using that tag. I can’t believe it’s still intact. 


Ah, Woody. Good times. 


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Suzanne Apgar

You were given Ooohneekocker when you were in the hospital for the repair of a lingual hernia (undescended testicle). You latched on to that little guy for years!


I thought it was just a standard hernia operation. Who knew?



On Fri, Feb 14, 2020 at 9:56 PM Kevin Apgar <kevinwapgar@gmail.com> wrote:

I thought it was just a standard hernia operation. Who knew?

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