Macro Monday 2020.08...

Tu(n)esday: Decisiones...

As is becoming de rigeur this time of year, the lineup for the Pitchfork Music Festival has been released and Eric and I need to come to a decision about which day we’re gonna attend. C’mon, you should be used to this by now.

First, scheduling...


Second, IDing...

Friday - I love The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and I’m aware of Angel Olsen.

Saturday - I like Sharon Van Etten and know Run the Jewels and Cat Power.

Sunday - I like The National and Kim Gordon, the latter of Sonic Youth fame. I’m told Big Thief is really good.

Third, culling...

I can rule out Saturday. I really like Sharon Van Etten, but not enough to rule out other days. I don’t know Run the Jewels that much and Cat Power doesn’t do much for me.

Fourth, twist... 

The National is a big deal in my office. They are the favorite band of one if the co-owners of my company and a couple other coworkers. When the lineup was announced, I told them and they all said they’re going despite having never been to Pitchfork before (they’re all Riot Fest people).

Fifth, rationalizing...

The band that Eric and I love best plays on Friday. For that reason, he wants to go Friday. But Friday is the shortest day of the festival by three hours and that’s the only band I truly know.

It would be cool to be there on the same day as my co-owner and coworkers. I’ve always wanted to go with them to Riot Fest but haven’t. So this would be a nice chance to hang. Although I don’t know The National as well as The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

But this is supposed to be an Eric-and-me day so it should be our decision. (We’re an old married couple, aren’t we?)



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Suzanne Apgar

I have never heard of any of these groups


Not surprised.

Marty Mankins

Your choices each year always have conflicts, which is understandable from the lineup each year brings.

Kim Gordon and Run The Jewels would be on my must see list.


It always happens. While I know of Run the Jewels and I’m sure I’ve listened to them, I can’t recall them enough for them to be a deciding factor.

Marty Mankins

Their music is good. I can't recall any song titles, but know their music when I hear it.

Run The Jewels was supposed to open for the Rage Against The Machine tour before it was postponed.


I remember hearing that announcement. BTW, can I just say it’s nice hearing from you in comments again?

Marty Mankins

Appreciate that comment, Kevin. It's nice getting myself back into blogging, reading and commenting again.


I’ve missed ya, brother.

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