Bingo w2...

Here are my week two additions to the Social Distancing Bingo board. I’m using a darker orange to denote week two.


No, I do not have a pet. But I’m counting Nathan on the Gotten attitude from your pet square.

I’m also counting Trump as the Seen a rich person complain from their mansion square. Should’ve marked him in week one. Oh well. 

Maybe Nathan and I will learn a Tik Tok dance this week. But then I’d need a Tik Tok account. The things I do for this blog. 

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Mar 27
Oh, man. SyFy — née The SciFi Channel — is running a weekend long Harry Potter marathon. With how Nathan’s been trending lately, our Roku is never leaving that channel. And, now that I think about it, that just might...
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Mar 29
We’ve begun a Shelter-at-Home project. No, not home renovation. We finally finished that damn bathroom today so I hope to be reno project free for a while. What we did start was a LEGO set that has been in our...


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