Wait a second here! Not only did Mark Waid — of Archie fame — start writing a standalone series titled Invisible Woman based on Susan Storm from the Fantastic Four, but he’s also three issues deep?? 


And none of you told me??

You're fired! The lot of you! 

Ed. Note: Turns out this five-issue arc started in July 2019 and ended in November and I completely missed the whole run. I only thought it was new because issue 1 was actually still on the shelves of a comic shop that notoriously removes #1s after just a couple months and marks them waaaaay up. 

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I enjoyed it, but the story definitely had it's ups and downs. I wish the ending was stronger, but it was an enjoyable read. Enjoy!


I have basically zero FF exposure so I have no baseline for comparison. It issue 1 was pretty good.

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