Tu(n)esday/MFS: UO...

Macro Monday 2020.10...

It was another of my favorite types of photo finishes on #MiniMusicMonday. Eric edged out Stephen by a hair with Van Halen 5150.


I have one friend in particular who damn well better get this one. And quick, at that. I mean, I’ve been at this for 15 months now. You should all be into the Swing of Things. 


Sometime before the Soft Rains of April, I will reveal the answer. I can give away all I want here. Nobody reads this blog anyway. 


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I do. I just don't know many album covers.


Well thank you for that.

Marty Mankins

I read this blog, but am always so far behind with reading and posting my own blog posts.


I still think your gateway would be taking a social media post and moving it to your blog. Just get it going. Then expand upon it more and more.

Marty Mankins

I like this idea a lot. And it's one that you and many other bloggers have used.


I try not to use it often but it helps when I need it. Hence... Kevisms.

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