Tu(n)esday: Synths...


A certain Midwest-based furniture chain announced recently that they are going out of business. Why do I care? Well, I owe them money for a mattress that we financed a couple Black Fridays ago.

I'm wondering if I still need to make payments. I only have a handful of payments left and they're pretty minimal and I'm not sure they would even notice give that the chain is in complete disarray right now.

They won't honor my warranty on the mattress anymore because I don't have some special card they claim to have sent me in January 2019 even though I have the entirety of the receipt that even says I have a warranty. Without the card, it means nothing, apparently.

Somebody reported through our local news that they had placed a custom order through the store a couple months ago and made a fairly hefty downpayment on it. The store is not going to complete their order and is not refunding their downpayment. 

They claim to be conducting clearance sales right now, but their hours were halved... even before COVID-19 forced so many retailers to pare back hours. Lord only knows how long they're not open now. 


FTR, of course I'm going to keep making payments. I'm not stupid. It's just such a nice idea. 


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