Scuttler 01...

We’ve begun a Shelter-at-Home project. No, not home renovation. We finally finished that damn bathroom today so I hope to be reno project free for a while. 

What we did start was a LEGO set that has been in our hall closet for a little more than two years now. 

It’s the LEGO Batman Scuttler and we’ve been a little intimidated by it. Also, we’ve waited so long that the movie isn’t as prominent in his life so the need to build it waned. 


Now, however, he developed the desire to build it. All 775 pieces of it. So we’re taking it slow. Bag at a time. And I’m gonna document it here. 

Check this out...


First, some minifigures...



Next, some stage-by-stage photos of bags 1-3...





Let’s see how this goes.

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Suzanne Apgar

They make amazing as well as educational toys!! You've always loved them. Hope Nate feels the same way!


He does.

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