Tu(n)esday: Synths...

Yes! Synths! As in “short for synthesizers.” Very expensive electronic music-making equipment but in iOS app format. 

The KORG iKaossilator...


...and the Minimoog Model D...


Not only do they have some of the weirdest and coolest names around, but they make cool sounds  

And they’re free because of all this COVID-19 sequestration stuff. The thought is that this is a good time for kids to try something new and creative. Get them hooked and maybe they (or their parents) will buy some of the in-app add-ons. 

I may actually put them on Nathan’s iPad and see what he comes up with. Better than him sitting there staring at YouTube. 

Me? I have zero musical talent. I played guitar for 10 years... badly... and that’s about it. But I’ll still poke around a bit. Maybe I’ll stumble on something amazing. 

Will you give them a shot? Please share your music!



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Kevin Spencer

I got the Moog one and love messing around with it.


I’ve never been much of a keyboard person so the Korg with its interactive touchpad is a lot of fun for me.

Marty Mankins

I grabbed both of the apps and will have to have fun playing around and seeing what musical talent I might have.


Anything has to be better than what I don’t have.

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