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One of my very favorite bands to arise from the post-grunge 90s is Chicago’s very own Urge Overkill.

While their greatest level of renown was their cover of Neil Diamond’s “Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon” from the soundtrack to the 1995 film Pulp Fiction (despite actually being released three years earlier on the Stull EP), it was their 1993 major label release Saturation that got me grooving hard.

Featuring my favorite iteration of the band in Nash Kato, Eddie “King” Roeser, and Blackie Onassis, Saturation has been in my collection in a variety of media — multiple copies of each, no less — since shorty after its launch.


I can and more often than not do listen to every song on Saturation and enjoy it. There’s is not a single unworthy track on the album. 

The problem is that this post is called My Favorite Song... singular. To that end, as declared by the Highlander himself, “There can be only one!”

As much as I’m prone to picking “Sister Havana” because of my love for belting out the lyrics as loud as my voice box will allow, I’m going with “Positive Bleeding,” a fantastic showcase for Kato’s voice, which was actually at the forefront on this album as opposed to regular frontman Roeser. 

While some argue the song is a thinly veiled reference to Blackie’s heroin preference, I like to think of it a little more literally per the lyrics that talk to me about taking your life by the reins and making it your own. 

I love this song and album so much and now I want to add a cassette copy of it back into my new collection. I just can’t decide on one. 


I have access to an open copy with the traditional artwork I have always loved, as seen above. But open tapes run the risk of magnetic fallout. 

For a handful of bucks more, I could get an unopened cassette with the same artwork. Presumably the quality would be great so long as it’s been stored in a climate controlled environment. 

For a few bucks less than the sealed copy, I can get this rare promotional tape with unique cover art. I cannot guarantee the sound quality and I lose out on my beloved cover art, but it’s pretty cool, don’cha think?


What would you do?

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