Video: Monument...

This video is not gonna make no sense to no one and I made it anyway. It’s about a digital trading card app I played for five years and recently quit called Star Wars Card Trader by Topps. 

If you’re so inclined, watch it. Otherwise, skip it. 

It was fun to make and probably one of my more well-executed videos to date. So there’s that.


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Marty Mankins

I do like the video a lot. Well edited and the effects were just right.

As for the Star Wars Card Trader app, I've not been on mine for months. I open it up every so often to see what cards there are and to see if I still have my million or so coins that I never spend because they changed the rules.


It’s a totally different app with the new UI. Have you checked that part out? What rules changed? Not sure what you mean by that.

Marty Mankins

I've not checked out the app since the UI changed. As for the rules changed part of my reply, you used to be able to use just coins to purchase sets without having to use money. But every time I've got to purchase a pack, it only accepts money (from my Apple account).


There are some sets like that but most have both options. Just avoid crystal purchases. Credits are still very viable. It got bad for a bit. But it has gotten better.

Marty Mankins

Appreciate the update and to avoid the crystal purchases. I might have to load up the latest update and find some packs to purchase


Can’t hurt to at least try.

Kevin Spencer

Great video. And the music is fantastic.


Thank you! I can’t remember who made the music but it was a track from within iMovie.

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