Video: Synth Adventures 01...

Look at that! One week, two videos! This is a quickie little video to kickoff a new series I’m dubbing Synth Adventures over on YouTube and Instagram. 

You remember a week ago when I mentioned the free synthesizer app downloads? It seems a lot of people I know downloaded those apps and started posting videos of themselves playing. One guy, an artist/guitarist/vocalist/tattooist who goes by @heavy.hand on IG, is actually pretty decent and I was consequently inspired to try my own hand at them. 

I have titled this first one “Ice Cream Truck From Hell” because it’s a simple five-note loop that sounds like something an ice cream truck would play... before it transforms into a giant hellhound and swallows the souls of the kids attempting to buy frozen treats!!

Or something like that. 

I think I called it “whimsical terror” or “horrific whimsy.” Both work. 


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Kevin Spencer

Love it. Love it so much.


Thanks, man! Appreciate it.

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