Bingo w5...

Okay, so I may have missed updating this for week 3... and week 4, for that matter. But let’s be honest, there wasn’t all that much to update on the ol’ Social Distancing Bingo board.


Odds are that I may fill out two more of these squares if I actually try. Those would be the Tik Tok Dance tutorial and finishing all our snacks. But I won’t ever wear pajamas all week nor will I be downloading Animal Crossing, unless Katie caves to coworker wishes and starts her own game of it. I have zero interest.

Cool thing, though, is that I found another bingo board courtesy of Nothing Bundt Cakes and filled it out. 


Here is the blank if you wanna play along.


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Kevin Spencer

If my Twitter timeline is to be believed, I'm like one of the last people on earth to have never played Animal Crossing.


You and me both.

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