For a couple years now, a buddy has been telling me about Humble Bundle, a group that bundles together video games and sells them at tiered pricing that is a huge discount over buying them new. Each tier has a minimum spend and includes additional games the more you pay.

Granted I’ve never taken part because I’m not a gamer but the idea has always intrigued me. 

I’m not sure when it happened (maybe it was always this way) but they started offering books and, as I found out earlier today, comic books!

For the next 20 days and for a minimum spend of $18, you can get the entire 32-volume run of The Walking Dead collected editions. These are digital comics and they come in CBZ, epub, and PDF formats.


Back in my comic-buying heyday, I bought the first 12 volumes of TWD from Comixology before giving up and checking the rest out from the library. I just didn’t feel like spending at the time despite the fact I’ve re-read many of them and will likely continue to do so. Bottom line, I want to add the remaining 20 volumes to my collection but it’s expensive.

So, paying $18 and getting all of them is insanely less expensive than buying just the remaining 20. Hell, it’s less than the cost of two volumes in paperback. Hell, it’s less than the cost of gas to go pick them up at the library every time I go on a bender.

I may be partaking. Like very soon. 

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