Bingo w5...

Type C...

I’m not a car guy. I never have been. I don’t go ga-ga for most sports cars. I don’t drool when a car gets a redesign. I just want something reliable, comfortable, and inexpensive. 

Okay, that’s not entirely true. I did like when they redesigned Hyundai Sonatas in 2011 and that’s why I got one, although I now consider myself “over” them. I also flipped for the redesign of Dodge Rams in 1993 and have always loved 1964 Ford Cobras. Those are the few exceptions to the rule. 

Okay, one more... I love LEGO cars. I could care less about real cars, but render them in plastic bricks and I go bonkers. 

I’ve already got a couple of those sweet LEGO Speed Champions and wouldn’t mind a few more. 

However, I’ll hold off on those if I could ensure that this bad boy is gonna get made. 

It’s a fan-made Auto Union Type C Racecar and it is absolutely gorgeous!





The only problem is that, as I said, it’s fan made. It’s not an official LEGO set... yet. It is currently vying for contention on LEGO Ideas.


If it gets 10,000 votes, it will be considered for a new set. It currently sits at 5,258 as of the time I wrote this.

Any chance you can sign up for a free account and vote? I’d love to see this set happen. And you might even find something else there worthy of your vote. What can it hurt?


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