For years, us geeks and nerds used T-shirts and hats to show our dedication to our loves. Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, etc., etc.,  ad infinitum. 

As years went by, it became more popular for everyone to let their geek flags fly via fashion. It’s everywhere and there’s no shame whatsoever. And that’s great. 

But now, in the age of Coronavirus, who knew that the next phase of fashion forwardness would be our protective face masks?

Well, it seems this is certainly a thing if Facebook and Instagram are any indication. And, to that end, I’d like to proffer up an entry as given to me by my mom...


It is the Vincent van Gogh TARDIS painting from season 5, episode 10 of Doctor Who. It works.

Wha’cha got?

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Apr 25
Katie and I were struggling to find something to watch tonight when we came across The Money Pit on Netflix. While watching it, I realized something... This woman... Hooking up with this man... And buying this house... Drove this man,...
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Macro Monday 2020.17...

Apr 27
Congrats to Holly W (FB) on her first acing of a #MiniMusicMonday challenge photo! I had a vision that someone will guess this photo within an hour of posting. Don’t let me down! Will it be you? Someday, perhaps.


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